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New York Apartment Stabbing Kills 47-Year-Old Man; Suspect on Loose!


CNS NewsPolice say that an unknown person killed a 47-year-old man by stabbing him in his Harlem flat on Sunday afternoon. Police say the victim was stabbed several times around 12:20 p.m. in an apartment building near East 132nd Street and Madison Avenue. Police say the victim was taken to Harlem Hospital but died there from his injuries.

The suspect got out of the building quickly and has not been caught yet. He was said to be a man about 50 years old. He wore dark clothes the last time he was seen. Police said it wasn’t clear right away if the victim and suspect knew each other or what kind of relationship they had.

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The victim’s name wasn’t made public until Sunday evening when the family was told. While police were at 58 East 132nd Street on Sunday afternoon, a small group of people were crying outside. They didn’t know if the victim had been killed in his own home.

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