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New York Comes in 3rd for Pest Infestations According to A Study!


CNS NewsA Recent Study conducted by Compare the Market Australia has revealed that New York ranks as the third most pest-infested state in the United States. Analyzing Google search data for various pests, the study found that New York trails behind Florida and Washington in terms of pest infestations.

Although New York is no stranger to pests such as fleas, bed bugs, and rats, it does not claim the top spot for pest infestations. Florida leads the pack, with a high population of snakes and termites, followed closely by Washington, which grapples with snakes, wasps, ants, and rats.

The study sheds light on the prevalence of pests in various regions, highlighting the unique challenges faced by different states and cities. While New York’s ranking may come as a surprise to some, the persistent presence of pests underscores the importance of effective pest control measures and awareness campaigns.

New York Comes in 3rd for Pest Infestations According to A Study!

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The data from the study emphasizes the need for proactive measures to combat infestations effectively. States like Florida, Washington, and Massachusetts, which top the list for specific pests, serve as reminders of the diverse ecosystems and habitats that can attract different types of pests. As communities strive to mitigate the impact of pest infestations, ongoing research, and proactive measures are crucial in maintaining a healthy and pest-free environment.

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