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NJ Police Say You Tuber Exploits DWI Bodycam Footage of Young Women!


CNS NewsIn a concerning turn of events, police body camera footage from incidents in New Jersey involving the arrest of young women has been exploited by a YouTuber for profit, according to authorities. The videos, intended for police accountability under the Open Records Act (OPRA), have been posted online by the individual, with a focus on DWI stops, particularly involving young women, some of whom are underage.

Montville, Morris County, police discovered one of their body camera stops on the YouTuber’s channel, prompting an investigation into the matter. Chief of Police Andrew Caggiano revealed that similar requests for DWI stops involving young women had been received by numerous other police agencies.

The situation has sparked outrage, especially considering reports that the YouTuber demanded payment from individuals seeking to have their videos removed from the platform. This exploitation, particularly of vulnerable individuals, has prompted legislators to take action to protect those caught in embarrassing situations like these.

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Senate Republican Leader Anthony M. Bucco emphasized the need for legislation to safeguard young people, especially women, who appear to be exploited in these videos, often while underdressed. The proposed legislation aims to require consent before posting individuals’ images on the internet, providing a measure of protection in the modern age of technology.

However, the owner of the YouTube channel defended their actions, stating that the content was posted for educational purposes. They criticized the proposed legislation as a violation of press rights, describing it as a “blatantly unconstitutional infringement.”

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