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New York Couple Sued by Squatters Who Seized $930 K Investment Home and Won’t Leave: “It’s Completely Ridiculous”!


CNS NewsA Queens couple is facing a surreal legal battle after alleged squatters unlawfully moved into their $930,000 investment home and subsequently sued the rightful owners. The couple, Juliya Fulman and Denis Kurlyand expressed disbelief at the situation, which has left them with over $4,000 in legal bills.

The squatters, Lance Hunt Sr. and Rondie L. Francis, took advantage of New York City’s permissive laws, which grant legal protections to squatters after occupying a property for just 30 days. Despite the homeowners’ efforts to reclaim their property, including presenting ownership documents and timestamped videos showing the house had been vacant, the squatters pursued legal action.

In response to the lawsuit, the couple’s lawyer argued that the squatters had “perpetrated a fraud” and presented forged documents to support their claim.

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The case is ongoing, with the next court date scheduled for April 5. The situation highlights the challenges faced by homeowners dealing with squatters and the need for legislative reforms to protect property owners from such abuses of the law.

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