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NJ’s Jewish Communities Enjoy Hanukkah Even when Things Are Hard!


Antisemitism is on the rise in New Jersey and across the country. This year, Hanukkah comes at a tough time for the state’s Jewish community. Since Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7 and Israel began its military operations in Gaza, the FBI says the number of antisemitic and Islamophobic events has gone up by 150%.

Friday is the second night of the Jewish holiday of lights. Some rabbis, like Joel Pitkowsky, said that this holiday comes at a time when “Jewish tradition is fighting against a much more powerful foe.”

He said, “We can’t let outsiders, especially people who want to hurt us, tell us what our Judaism should be like. Hanukkah lasts for eight days and nights, and many cities and towns celebrate by lighting menorahs.

NJ's Jewish Communities Enjoy Hanukkah Even when Things Are Hard!

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