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A Friend Tells US Man Charged with Killing 5-Year-Old Daughter Hate Her “To His Core”!


CNS NewsA friend told a court that a father accused of killing his five-year-old daughter hated her “right to his core” because she resembled her mother. Rebecca Maines, who is in jail for parole violations, said Adam Montgomery told her last summer that he had been trying to see Harmony Montgomery since 2019. He left her with her mother because he said she was intentionally having bathroom accidents.

Maines said Adam told her Harmony’s mother wouldn’t let him see her months before she disappeared, despite having legal custody of Harmony, who was partially blind. Montgomery is suspected of killing Harmony on December 7, 2019, but she wasn’t found for nearly two years. Harmony’s body is missing.

Adam Montgomery claims he loved his daughter unconditionally and didn’t kill her. He was tried in Manchester on February 7. His lawyers confessed to hiding evidence and abusing a corpse. They claimed that Harmony died on December 6 while alone with her stepmother, Adam’s ex-wife Kayla Montgomery.

Adam Montgomery, who is in prison for another gun crime, hasn’t attended his trial. The defense begins on Wednesday after the prosecutors finished on Tuesday. Maines, who called Montgomery her best friend, also mentioned something before he took Harmony to her mom. He “backhanded” his daughter after seeing her cover her little brother’s mouth and nose, she said.

According to Adam Montgomery’s uncle, Harmony had a black eye at their house in 2019 and Adam told him he “bashed” her after seeing her touch her brother. Maines was questioned about her 2014–2019 theft and fraud crimes. Her parole hearing is in April, but she faces several charges.

“I’m a criminal. Saying that is fine “Maines said. She said she was getting drug abuse treatment when asked why she missed her court date. The defense lawyers also suggested Maines was testifying to improve her case. She denied offering any promises about her charges in exchange for her testimony.

Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, and Adam Montgomery were separated when she was born in 2014. Sometimes Harmony lived with foster families, sometimes with her mom. Crystal lost Harmony in 2018, and Adam took custody in February 2019. Crystal saw her daughter last on a FaceTime call around Easter.

Kayla Montgomery gave the main evidence against her husband. After confessing to lying to the grand jury about where she was when Harmony disappeared, she is serving 18 months in prison. She wasn’t granted immunity, but she told defense lawyers that she hasn’t been punished for her inconsistent statements to police or prosecutors.

A Friend Tells US Man Charged with Killing 5-Year-Old Daughter Hate Her "To His Core"!

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Kayla testified that her husband hit Harmony in the head often because she wet herself. They were living in a car after being evicted, she said, with their two young sons. Kayla says Adam hit Harmony at several stop lights on Dec. 7, 2019, while driving from a methadone clinic to a fast food restaurant.

She also talked about feeding the kids without checking on Harmony, discovering she was dead, and where her husband hid the body. These included a homeless shelter ceiling vent and his work walk-in freezer. Kayla Montgomery feared her husband and didn’t tell anyone about Harmony’s death.

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