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NYC Migrants Arrested For $5,300 Shoplifting and Drug Possession After Traffic Stop: Cops!


CNS NewsThree immigrants living in the troubled Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan were caught shoplifting in New Jersey and were charged with theft. They stole $5,300 worth of clothes, perfume, and other items. The three thieves, Dugleidy Gonzalez-Riera (28), Jefferson Prieto-Galviz (23), and Morelis Blanco-Cineros (41), were caught during a traffic stop in Wayne, New Jersey, on Valentine’s Day.

Police say their car was full of drugs and clothes they had stolen from several stores. WPD Detective Captain Dan Daly said in a statement, “A search of their person and the vehicle produced ecstasy pills, drug paraphernalia, and large amounts of stolen goods from Ulta, Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Macy’s, including merchandise worth more than $5,300 in clothing, shoes, and fragrances.”

Wayne police stopped the car because they saw it following too closely behind another car. A person inside the car was also not wearing a seat belt, according to the police. Police said that none of the three people inside could show a driver’s license or speak English, and the license plate belonged to a different car.

Along with drug paraphernalia, police found several clothing items from the Ulta Beauty store that still had their tags on them.  The store is often targeted by thieves, according to the police. When the police called the store, they said that clothes that matched those in the car had been stolen in the last two hours and gave them pictures of the thieves.

Following this, the suspects were taken into custody. In the beginning, they gave police fake names before they were caught. The suspects were all charged with shoplifting, receiving stolen goods, and having a controlled dangerous substance or drug paraphernalia on them. Prieto-Galviz and Blanco-Cineros were also charged with making it harder to arrest people.

All three of them lived at the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, which is now a shelter for migrants. Police said they thought the accused thieves might not show up for their detention hearings, so they are being held in the Passaic County Jail until then. Last June, New York City paid Pakistan $220 million to rent the Roosevelt Hotel for three years so that it could be used as a shelter for the huge number of people coming from the southern border.

NYC Migrants Arrested For $5,300 Shoplifting and Drug Possession After Traffic Stop: Cops!

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Too many asylum seekers have taken up all 1,000 rooms at the shelter, so migrants have had to sleep on the ground and even in parked cars outside. Also, since the migrants moved in, there have been dozens of arrests at the once-great hotel.

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