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Ohio Democrats Want the DOJ to Look into the DeWine Administration!


CNS NewsDemocrats in Ohio want the Department of Justice to look into the government of Governor Mike DeWine. It’s been a week since the biggest bribery scandal in Ohio’s history led to charges being brought against people. As part of the scandal, First Energy paid bribes to state officials to help save failing nuclear power plants, such as Davis Besse.

Sam Randazzo, who used to be the head of the group that regulates utilities, and two fired First Energy executives were charged by the state last week. Prosecutors say that Randazzo was mostly just a way for First Energy to get into state government and help the company from the inside.

Governor Mike DeWine put Randazzo in charge, but he has said many times that he didn’t know that First Energy was supposedly paying Randazzo. Democrats in Ohio want the U.S. Attorney’s Office to look into whether that was true. They are also asking Republicans to join them in getting rid of the last parts of the bailout bill, which include helping coal plants in Ohio and Indiana that are having trouble making ends meet.

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According to State Representative Allison Russo, taxpayers, ratepayers, and Ohio families will continue to pay billions of dollars out of their own pockets for utility bills and fees that were approved in corrupt ways. This is a corruption tax. Some Republicans have said they support different pieces of legislation that are meant to stop the next public corruption scandal, but the GOP leadership hasn’t backed any of them.

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