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Police Say a Woman in Utah Killed Her Parents and Told Them, “I Would Do It Again.” I Hate Them


Police in Utah say a woman admitted to killing her parents and said she’d “do it again.”

Police in Washington City say that Mia Bailey was arrested on Wednesday and charged with 11 felonies in connection with the deaths of her parents, Joseph and Gail Bailey, and the alleged attempted murder of her brother.

According to police, Bailey, 28, broke into her parents’ house on Tuesday and killed them with a gun. She then went downstairs to find her brother and his wife, who were locked in his room. According to court documents seen by KUTV, she reportedly shot her brother through the door and told police she didn’t care if the shot killed her brother.

ABC4 in the area reported that Bailey’s brother called the cops after she left the house, citing arrest records.

Police told local news station that Bailey is accused of killing her father twice in the head and her mother four times.

According to, police said in a booking statement that Mia said she went back to her father who was lying on the ground and shot him one more time in the head to make sure he was dead. “While she was doing that, Mia went back to her mother and shot her in the head to be sure she was dead.”

The news source says Bailey is facing six counts of felony discharge of a firearm, two counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted aggravated murder, aggravated burglary, and another count of third-degree felony discharge of a firearm.

PEOPLE looked at records from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and found that Bailey was still being held by cops on Thursday.

According to reports, Bailey told police that she didn’t feel bad about what she did and wouldn’t change it. “I would do it again,” Mia said. The police report tells that the man said, “I hate them.”

According to the news source, the police affidavit said that Mia told them she went to the house with the purpose to kill her parents.

In a news statement, Washington City Police said they were looking for Bailey’s yellow Kia Sol, which was seen leaving her parents’ house after the double murder on Tuesday. Bailey was later found.

From court papers, KUTV learned that police first found Bailey on Tuesday, but she quickly retreated and out of sight before they could arrest her. She took a gun from her waistband and put it to her head. Then, Bailey turned herself in early Wednesday morning, the news source said.

“Everyone is okay.” “Thankfully, no one else was hurt,” St. George police officer Tiffany Mitchell wrote on social media on Wednesday.

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