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Reports Say a Navy Sailor Committed “Torturous” Sexual Assault and is Now Suspected of Killing a Young Woman


A former Navy sailor who is suspected of killing a young woman supposedly got 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman on a naval base earlier this year.

Julian Jefferson, 20, was sentenced on Wednesday for an event that happened in January 2023. The victim said that the former sailor broke into her room at Naval Base Colorado and beat her up.

According to KGTV and The Times of Freestone County, Jefferson pleaded guilty to burglary and rape charges in early May. He had been dishonorably removed from the Navy.

The victim told police that she had texted Jefferson earlier that night to ask him to be quiet because she could hear him talking in the room next door while she was trying to sleep.

Even though Jefferson said sorry through text, the woman says she heard knocking on her door all night. The victim checked the door several times but no one was there. They then tried to see who was knocking through the peephole.

Court-martial documents used in KWTX’s story say that Jefferson forced the door open, threw the victim to the floor, and started to choke her when she finally caught him in the act.

Jefferson then hit the girl on the floor and then pulled her to her bed to keep hitting her. According to the documents KWTX used, he then allegedly dragged the victim to the shower and beat her again there.

The victim told the news source that the attack lasted about two hours. According to the papers, the victim said that what happened was “torturous.” KWTX reports that people heard the fight and called 911. One woman told police that she heard someone “screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs” during the attack.

Jefferson ran to a friend’s house for help after leaving the victim’s room.

Jefferson could spend the rest of his life in jail if he is found guilty of the capital murder charge he was given in late May for the death of Denise Lissette Ramos, 22, on March 28.

Ramos’ body was found at her home in Fairfield, Texas, after cops checked on her because she didn’t show up to work. A report from KWTX says that Jefferson was charged with murder on May 20.

It’s not clear right now if he has pleaded guilty or hired a lawyer.

The whole thing has made us feel empty inside. Family member Luis Ramos told KGTV, “It’s left a scar on our family.” “Just hearing that he will be held responsible for what he did helps us start to heal.”

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