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Police Say the Woman Who Was Found Living in a Michigan Store Sign Told Them It Was a “Safe Spot” That Not Many People Knew About


MIDLAND, Mich. — A woman who was living in a sign on the roof of a grocery store in Michigan told cops that it was a “old safe spot” that her family knew about. She didn’t say why she chose to stay there for a year, though.

The 34-year-old woman, whose name has not been made public, was very worried about her belongings because cops told her she had to leave an attic-like space inside the Family Fare sign in Midland, which is 130 miles (209 kilometers) north of Detroit, right away.

Recent news stories from the Associated Press and other outlets talked about the April 23 find. After that, got video from police body cameras through a public records request, and parts of it were shared online Tuesday.

An cop told her, “Believe it or not, you have a nickname.” He then said that some people knew about her.

The woman asked, “Spider-Man or something?”

He said, “No, roof ninja,” which is a term for a sneaky fighter. “Tell me that’s not cool.”

She said, “That’s right.”

Police were called to the store because workers on the roof followed an extension cord to the secret room. Two cops asked the woman inside to open a small door on the back of the sign.

Someone asked, “Did someone tell you about this?”

The woman said it was a “old safe spot” that not many people in Midland knew about, but “not anymore.”

The woman had a computer, a coffee maker, furniture, and a phone. Another cop thought the makeshift home was “impressive” and asked how she had made it through the winter.

“I know how to handle that.” The woman said, “I’ve been to Alaska.”

She asked for some time to call her boss and get a truck to store her things. But the police said no, making it clear that the store staff would take the things away and give them back to her.

The woman came out wearing black clothes and ski goggles on her head. She said that sunshine made her feel bad.

The police officer told her how they got on the roof.

Someone said, “Ladder.” “We are not great at roofs.”

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