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Protesters Calling for “Free Palestine” Try to Stop the Lunar New Year Parade in New York City!


CNS NewsThe celebration of the Year of the Dragon in New York City’s Lunar New Year parade was briefly interrupted by “Free Palestine” protestors seeking to disrupt speeches by politicians. As the parade kicked off in Chinatown, a group of activists positioned themselves on a fire escape near the parade route, chanting slogans such as “Ceasefire Now” and “Free Palestine.”

Despite their efforts, the politicians proceeded with their speeches, emphasizing the significance of the Chinese American community and the spirit of the Lunar New Year celebration. While some participants expressed disappointment at the attempted disruption, many from out of town attended the parade to experience the vibrant cultural celebration.

The event featured 18 floats, 100 marching bands, and diverse representation from various groups, including LGBTQ+ advocates and supporters of Palestinian rights. Demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags and banners marched alongside the parade, calling for a ceasefire and drawing attention to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

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Mayor Eric Adams, after addressing the crowd briefly in Chinese, attempted to join the march but was escorted away by the NYPD amid the commotion. The incident highlights the intersection of cultural celebrations and political activism, sparking conversations about the right to protest and the importance of respectful discourse in public gatherings.

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