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NFL Owner Says He’s Choosing Trump in the Presidential Election!


CNS NewsOne of the most famous NFL owners has said that he will vote for Donald Trump this coming election. Making it clear that he thinks Trump getting back into office is the most important thing for the US right now is the owner of the New York Jets. Jets owner Woody Johnson went on Fox News to say what he thought.

People in the U.S. remember how good things were or how much better they were on the border, with low inflation, gas prices, and food store prices, and they want to go back to that time, Johnson said. “Getting the former president back in the White House, which looks like it’s going to happen, I think is the most important thing.”

Johnson showed up behind the scenes at Trump’s South Carolina event on Saturday. There was a big part for the Johnson & Johnson billionaire during Trump’s presidency as well. He was the ambassador of the United States to the United Kingdom.

NFL Owner Says He's Choosing Trump in the Presidential Election!

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If you only look at what the NFL has said in public, it has stayed out of politics. But many players, coaches, and now owners have said different things. The 2023 season for Johnson and the Jets was depressing because Aaron Rodgers hurt his Achilles and had to miss the whole year.

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