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Republican Candidate for Governor of North Carolina Who Cited Hitler Triumphs in Primary!


CNS NewsMark Robinson, North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor and a figure known for controversial statements secured the Republican nomination for governor. Robinson’s victory sets the stage for a closely contested gubernatorial race against Democrat Josh Stein. Robinson, North Carolina’s first Black lieutenant governor, has drawn attention for his outspoken views, including his staunch opposition to abortion rights.

With Republicans already in control of the state legislature, a Robinson victory would grant them significant policymaking authority in a pivotal battleground state. Central to Robinson’s platform is his commitment to restricting abortion access, with plans to further limit it to just six weeks of pregnancy.

His political ascent began with a viral 2018 speech on gun laws, which propelled him into the spotlight as a conservative commentator and National Rifle Association board member. However, Robinson’s candidacy is not without controversy. He has made inflammatory remarks about COVID-19, LGBTQ+ issues, and transgender individuals, drawing criticism from various quarters.

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His statement implying the arrest of transgender women for using women’s restrooms stirred further controversy. Robinson’s propensity for contentious statements extends to his views on popular culture, as evidenced by his remarks about the movie “Black Panther.” Despite criticism for quoting Hitler on Facebook in a discussion about racial pride, Robinson defended his actions, dismissing claims of support for the Nazi leader.

The gubernatorial race in North Carolina is poised to attract national attention, with Democrats likely to portray Robinson as an extremist while Republicans seek to tie Stein to President Biden. Robinson’s victory in the primary signals a competitive race ahead, with significant implications for the state’s governance and policy direction.

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