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The First Cruz Post-Primary Ad? A Video for “Democrats for Cruz” Genuinely!


CNS NewsFollowing his victory in the Republican primary, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has unveiled a groundbreaking campaign initiative: “Democrats for Cruz.” The grassroots effort aims to attract left-leaning voters disillusioned with their party’s leadership to cross party lines and support Cruz’s bid for reelection. Cruz, known for his staunch conservatism and confrontational approach towards Democrats, marks a departure from his usual strategy with the launch of this coalition.

The group’s initial rollout features a lineup of former and current Democratic officials, signaling a bold attempt by Cruz to broaden his voter base. Among the notable figures endorsing Cruz are former Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz Jr., Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, and former Obama appointee Marty McVey of Houston.

Cruz expressed optimism about expanding the group’s membership as his campaign progresses. The campaign’s messaging emphasizes the non-partisan value of liberty, with Cruz welcoming support from Democrats across Texas who align with his agenda of promoting jobs, opportunities, and security.

The First Cruz Post-Primary Ad? A Video for "Democrats for Cruz" Genuinely!

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 U.S. Representative. Colin Allred Won the Democrat Primary; and faced Ted Cruz in November!

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Cruz lambasted the national Democratic Party, alleging abandonment of Texans and warning against the ascent of radical leftist candidates. The emergence of Congressman Colin Allred as the Democratic nominee for the Texas Senate seat poses a formidable challenge to Cruz’s reelection bid.

Allred, presenting himself as a centrist candidate with broad appeal, has garnered significant financial support and poses a credible threat to Cruz’s incumbency. Despite being outspent by Allred in fundraising efforts, Cruz maintains a favorable position in the polls.

However, the competitive landscape underscores the significance of Cruz’s outreach efforts to traditionally Democratic voters. The “Democrats for Cruz” campaign represents a strategic maneuver by Cruz to solidify his support base and fend off a formidable Democratic challenger in the upcoming election.

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