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Roommate Dispute Turns Violent Woman Kidnaps and Assaults Roommate with Cousin’s Help, Federal Charges Filed


Feds say a 28-year-old woman will go to jail after being found guilty of kidnapping her flatmate in the District of Columbia.

There was a fight on the phone between Antoinette Gilmore and her flatmate in October 2023, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office on May 21, 2023.

Police say Gilmore told the man that she and her cousin would pick him up from downtown and take him back to their flat so he could get his things.

Police say that Gilmore told her cousin to punch and beat the man while she drove after he got into the car.

Police say the victim tried to get out of the car but the two people had locked the doors.

People in charge say that even though the man got away, Gilmore told her cousin to go after him.

Police say Gilmore’s cousin dragged “him by the collar of his shirt” back to the car after finally catching him.

Officials say the victim was pulled out of the car when they got there, but they were able to free them.

Officials say he then ran to the closest police station to report the attack.

We asked Gilmore’s lawyer a question on May 22 and were waiting for an answer from them.

The sentence for Gilmore is set for July, according to the officials.

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