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Sen. Brown Talks About McConnell’s Leaving and A Trade Loophole!


CNS NewsOhio Senator Sherrod Brown took a break from asking the Biden Administration to close a trade loophole to talk about Mitch McConnell’s impending exit as Minority Leader of the Senate. Let’s start with the trade story. “Packages worth less than $800 are exempt from U.S. duties and taxes,” Brown said. “They can enter the country with few or no inspections.”

Using this loophole to send more than 3 million items every day, he said. Drug traffickers and foreign businesses, according to Brown, know this. “Please close this gap, President. No. 1: That will keep American work safe. There are two good reasons for the President to do something about this, according to Brown. “First, it will help keep fentanyl off of our streets.

Five thousand people died in Ohio last year from drug accidents, and fentanyl was responsible for eighty percent of those deaths. Additionally, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he will resign, but he still plans to finish his time in the Senate. The former senator from Kentucky is the longest-serving leader of the Senate in history.

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Although they now disagree, Brown remembers working with McConnell. “When we can work together, which should happen more often, we need to do everything we can to keep the government open, protect Lake Erie, build infrastructure, and safeguard our national security.” That’s something Brown was able to do with him during his time.

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