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Shocking Discovery: A Man in Florida Had 150 Live Bugs Taken out Of His Nose. He Had No Idea They Were There!


CNS NewsA Florida man found out what was bothering him after months. First Coast News reports that Jacksonville doctors removed 150 larval bugs from a cancer survivor’s nose and sinuses this month. Since October, the unidentified man had felt “off” but didn’t seek help at HCA Florida Memorial Hospital until his face and lips swelled on Feb. 9.  “I started getting nose bleeds, constant nose bleeds,” he told First Coast News.

“I couldn’t even get up to use the bathroom without bleeding my nose.” Strange things happened at the hospital. “When I went for the exam, the doctor said, ‘I see movement,’” he recalled. Dr. David Carlson told the outlet that he used a camera to examine the man’s nose and found dozens of bugs feeding on the nose and sinus cavity and shedding tissue and excrement, which caused his inflammation.

“Size-wise, there are variations, but the larger ones were as big as the end of my pinky,” Carlson said of the disgusting pests. “There were larvae inside the nose that were scurrying around looking for food and others that had burrowed into tissue.” After the suction got clogged, Carlson said his team used other tools to remove the bugs.

These little buggers didn’t want to be evicted, Carlson said. First Coast News posted graphic operating room footage of the man’s face crawling with gruesome bugs and their stomach-churning extraction. “They were right up against his skull base, right under the brain, had they gone through that it could have killed him,” Carlson said.  The creepy crawlies were identified by an epidemiologist.

The man believed the parasites invaded after handling dead fish. “I know that I have to change my lifestyle as far as I handle fish,” he told First Coast News. “Before, I would rinse my hands in the river; now I’ll use cleaner and not touch my nose or hand,” Carlson said he had never seen a case like this in the US in his long career as an ENT specialist.

Fly larvae cause nasal myiasis, a rare condition. A 2021 case study of a 54-year-old rural female farmer with the illness listed open wounds, lesions, scabs, an immunocompromised state, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, and poor hygiene as risk factors. The Florida patient had a nose cancer removed 30 years ago.

Shocking Discovery: A Man in Florida Had 150 Live Bugs Taken out Of His Nose. He Had No Idea They Were There!

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That indicated open nasal spaces and a weakened immune system. After receiving a nose antiparasitic rinse, he should recover fully. The goal is not to scare viewers, but anyone with a compromised immune system could get abnormal infections, Carlson told First Coast News. “If you’re in a dirty environment, wash your hands.”

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