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Slashed NYC Train Conductor Alton Scott Pledges to Never Go Below Again: “That’s No Longer for Me”!


CNS NewsAn experienced MTA conductor had his neck cut when he stuck his head out of a Brooklyn train car. He told The Post on Saturday that he will never work on the city’s subways again because of the horrible attack. Alton Scott said he was too upset about what happened Thursday morning, which put 34 stitches in his neck, to go back to work.

“That train isn’t for me anymore,” the 59-year-old said. Scott, who has worked in transit for 24 years, said, “If I go back to work, I won’t take the train.” “I’ve been through too much to do that.” They’ll have to find something else for me to do if I go back. A random train attack in New York City cut a conductor in the neck: “This is an attempted murder.”

Around 4 a.m., the random attack took place at the Rockaway Avenue A/C stop in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Scott said he hadn’t seen anyone fishy and didn’t know he was about to be attacked while running an A train. He said, “All I heard was a hard thump on my neck.” “I put my hand right on my neck, and while I was taking it off, my hand was already full of blood.”

“I held my hand still, and that’s when I called out over the PA.” I told him, “This is the conductor.” Someone stabbed me. Please help me. He also said, “I need help.” He said that a doctor on the train helped him and put pressure on the cut with a mask. That cut was pretty deep, and “he was stopping the blood from flowing.”

“For real,” Scott said, “I thought I was going to die.” Soon after, he asked the doctor how he was doing, and the doctor told him he was going to make it. He said, “The blade didn’t hit his artery.” “That’s when I let out a sigh of relief.” He talked to the doctor after that. “I thanked him over the phone.” Scott thought back. “He said it’s fine,” I told you that if we can, we’ll meet someday.

As long as possible, Scott wants the person who stabbed him to be locked up. As of Saturday afternoon, police said no one had been arrested. “When you catch someone, you have to give them seven years,” he said, referring to the minimum sentence for attacking a train worker.

Slashed NYC Train Conductor Alton Scott Pledges to Never Go Below Again: "That's No Longer for Me"!

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“The laws we have now should at least be used and made to work.” He said, though, that the person who hurt him should do even more time. He said, “I’d like to see it stiffer.” “So someone knows they shouldn’t do this to anyone else or even think about doing it.”

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