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Florida Man Allegedly Tries to Steal Plane, But Crashes into Light Post Instead!


CNS NewsOn Monday, a guy is said to have tried to steal a plane from an airport in Fort Myers. On Monday, Detectives from the Intelligence Unit and Crime Scene Technicians from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) went to the Page Field Airport to help the Lee County Port Authority with a theft.

Police from the Port Authority told LCSO detectives that two maintenance workers saw an airplane that wasn’t on its marked ramp and was lying in the grass with a broken wing against a light pole and the door open. Besides the plane, police also found a ballistic vest, magazines with bullets, and an assault weapon close by.

The sheriff’s office said that because of the nature of the crime, Intelligence Unit Detectives took over the probe. When detectives looked at the security video, they said they were able to figure out that the suspect was Bruce Matthew Plummer, 43.

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Plummer can be seen getting on and off of one plane, turning on the lights of another, and moving one of the planes into the grass, where the camera can’t see it. Plummer’s car and home were both searched with a warrant. Police said they found more proof linking Plummer to the crimes at the airport at the house.

The sheriff’s office said Plummer has a history of several DUIs and breaking the terms of his probation. He was taken to the county jail on charges of armed burglary of an empty vehicle, grand theft of over $100,000, and having a bulletproof vest on while committing certain crimes.

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