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Son Accused of Suffocating Mom After a Fight and Putting Her Body in a River


It is said that a guy in South Carolina strangled his mother to death and then threw her body into a river.

Sharon Arroyo, Terry Lee Self Jr.’s mother, was killed by her 37-year-old son. Police in Lexington County had been looking for the woman’s killer for months, according to a statement from the office.

He said in the statement, “A canoer found the body of the suspect’s mother in the Edisto River on December 3.” “Police confirmed that the suspect and his mother were at the suspect’s house and left together after a fight.”

The statement says that Self, who is from Columbia, is thought to have “used a ligature to strangle Ms. Arroyo” based on evidence. It looked like detectives had been working on the case for seven months.

“We hope to give her family and loved ones some peace of mind,” the statement reads.

A local NBC station called WIS said that Mindy Chrysler, who is Self’s sister and Arroyo’s daughter, had been noticing that her brother’s behavior wasn’t always consistent for months. She said he had a past of crime and that her family was worried about the changes in his personality. Self-made her suspicious when she saw him driving Arroyo’s brand-new rental car not long after she went missing.

“I had no doubt.” She told the station, “I didn’t want to believe it because, you know, who would kill their mother? Like, my brother wouldn’t have done that.” “I said it wasn’t true until [an investigator] told me he had.”

Chrysler said that Arroyo eventually died because she worked so hard to help her son.

She said, “She was always there for him.” “No matter what he did, my mom would always help him.” She let him off the hook and did everything she could to help him. “He is my son, what am I to do?” she would ask.

A friend set up a GoFundMe page where she called Arroyo “undoubtedly one of the kindest, most selfless, and most loyal people” she had ever met.

The fundraiser says, “She gave her life to help save dogs from countless shelters.” “Her life wasn’t perfect, but she made the most of it.” Regina loved her family more than anything else… Her kids are going through an unbearable loss. Let’s show Regina the same kindness and care that she showed everyone she met!”

The sheriff’s report says that Self is from Columbia, South Carolina and that Arroyo lives in Barnwell, which is about 60 miles south. He was charged on July 1, and he is being held in Richland County without bond for a charge that has nothing to do with this one.


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