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Suspect Identified in Fatal Beating of Father of Two During Rock Concert Night at Topgolf Police


A husband and father of two who was in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday night for a rock concert at The Cowan, a Topgolf venue, was reportedly kicked in the head while “trying to break up an argument” in the parking lot. He died a few days later. Authorities say that the suspect who was first taken on a charge of aggravated assault will now face a charge of criminal homicide.

At The Cowan, Dahal Umesh, 41, was in the crowd watching the Nepali band Mantra play, according to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. There was an unspecified “dispute inside” the venue that spread to the parking lot.

The victim was struck while trying to “defuse the argument,” and the attack killed him.

Bishal Rai, who is 26 years old, has been identified as the suspect in the attack. It is claimed that Rai kicked Umesh in the head while the victim was on the ground.

“Umesh was reportedly trying to calm things down when he was punched, which made him fall and hit his head on the concrete.” “While he was on the ground, he was then kicked in the head,” the cops said.

Police said the victim died on Monday, which is also the day Rai was arrested. It’s not clear if he will be the only person charged, though.

Police said, “The investigation is continuing into the possibility that other people were involved in the fatal assault on Umesh.”

Naresh Dahal wrote on Facebook that he was “deeply sad” about the death of his brother.

The post said, “He breathed his last on Monday morning after succumbing to head injuries in a hospital in downtown Nashville.” Umesh would have been 42 on July 5. “At this very sad and painful time, may God give the families of the deceased the strength to deal with their loss of this humble soul. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.”

Law&Crime looked at Davidson County court records and found that Rai is being held without bond and is due in court on July 11 in the morning.

Records show that Rai was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation on June 27, 2023. The criminal case was eventually dropped in October 2023.

Records show that the claimed attack that killed Umesh happened on June 29, 2024, which was almost a year after Rai was arrested the first time.


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