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Sons of Missing Virginia Couple Whose Yacht Was Stolen in Caribbean Call Attack “Unimaginable”!


CNS NewsThe disappearance of a Virginia couple, Kathleen Brandel and Ralph Hendry has sent shockwaves through their family and the sailing community after their yacht was hijacked in the Caribbean. The couple, who sold their home in Alexandria, Virginia, to retire to a life at sea, was last seen in Grenada before their vessel, Simplicity, was discovered abandoned on the island of St. Vincent.

Preliminary investigations suggest that three prisoners escaped in Grenada and hijacked the yacht, making their way to St. Vincent. Although the prisoners were eventually recaptured, the fate of Brandel and Hendry remains unknown. Nick Buro and Bryan Hendry, the sons of the missing couple, express disbelief and anguish over the tragic turn of events.

Describing their parents as loving and adventurous, they struggle to comprehend the senseless violence inflicted upon them. Despite holding onto hope for their parents’ safe return, investigators reveal signs of a violent struggle aboard the yacht, further exacerbating the family’s distress.

Sons of Missing Virginia Couple Whose Yacht Was Stolen in Caribbean Call Attack "Unimaginable"!

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As authorities continue the search efforts in the Caribbean, friends, and fellow sailors remember Brandel and Hendry for their zest for life and their unwavering kindness toward others. The tight-knit sailing community mourns the loss of two beloved members and remains vigilant in supporting the search for answers.

The disappearance of Kathleen Brandel and Ralph Hendry serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can accompany a life at sea, underscoring the need for enhanced safety measures and vigilance among sailors worldwide.

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