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Ted Cruz Criticized for Saying Texans Could ‘Join Me in Cancun’ Amid Extreme Frost!


CNS NewsAs Texas prepared for a severe winter freeze, Senator Ted Cruz’s controversial tweet suggesting Texans could “join [him] in Cancun” drew sharp criticism. The comment referenced Cruz’s infamous February 2021 trip to Cancun, Mexico, during a similar weather crisis that left millions of Texans without power and resulted in as many as 246 deaths.

Governor Greg Abbott had issued warnings about the impending icy conditions, expected to affect the state from Monday into Tuesday evening, impacting over 200 million Americans. Cruz’s tweet, seen as an attempt to make light of his previous scandal, did not sit well with many.

The 2021 incident had seen Cruz hastily return to Texas following widespread backlash, where he admitted to making a “mistake” and expressed regret. Critics, including former NFL linebacker and Congressman Colin Allred, expressed dismay at Cruz’s continued references to the incident, arguing that it showed insensitivity towards those who suffered.

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Additionally, Cruz’s history of joking about the event, including a November 2021 tweet comparing Cancun favorably to Cabo San Lucas and a photo by a Cancun sign in Midland, Texas, has been seen as tone-deaf considering the human cost of the 2021 freeze.

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