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Texas Lawmakers Stop Border Inspectors from Saving Three Drowning Migrants!


CNS NewsA grim situation unfolded near Eagle Pass, Texas, as three migrants, including two children, drowned while attempting to cross into the United States. Congressman Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, has shed light on this tragedy, pointing out the state’s responsibility amid escalating tensions over immigration enforcement.

The deceased, identified as a mother and her two children, aged eight and ten, faced the deadly currents of the Rio Grande in their pursuit of asylum. This tragedy is set against a backdrop of a contentious struggle between Texas and the federal government. Texas authorities, implementing Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, have taken control of areas such as Shelby Park, denying access to Border Patrol agents.

This has led to a dangerous environment for migrants attempting to cross at major points like Eagle Pass. The Department of Homeland Security has condemned Texas’s actions as “cruel, dangerous, and inhumane,” highlighting the risks posed by such state policies. The Texas Military Department’s counterclaims of not observing distressed migrants further complicate the narrative.

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Amidst this, the public response includes mourning and calls for action, as community members and religious leaders demand accountability and a reevaluation of border policies. This incident underlines the critical issue of border safety and the impact of state-level decisions on federal immigration efforts. As debates continue, the loss of lives at the border remains a stark reminder of the human cost of political disputes.

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