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Tennessee Tornadoes Kill People, Injure Several, and Do a Lot of Damage!


In parts of Tennessee, severe storms killed six people and hurt at least 36 others. Three of the deaths happened in Montgomery County, and the other three happened in Nashville. The tornado in Clarksville, Tennessee, had peak winds of 150 mph and was given an EF-3 rating.

The tornado in the northern neighborhoods of Nashville had 125 mph winds and was given an EF-2 rating. Thirteen people were hurt when a Nashville church building collapsed. They are all in safe condition right now.

A lot of damage has been reported in Clarksville, including damage to homes, power lines, and trees. People have been told to stay off the roads. The National Weather Service sent out a tornado emergency alert for Hendersonville, Gallatin, and other areas of Nashville because of a confirmed tornado that did damage.

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