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Tesla’s Giga Texas-Deployed Cybertruck-Inspired Stainless Steel Open-Top Vehicle Seats 6!


There are only 5 days left until Tesla starts sending the Cybertruck, and people are really excited about the all-electric truck. We now know almost everything about the Cybertruck. It has an 800-volt high voltage system, a 48-volt low voltage system, rear-wheel steering, an industry-leading air suspension with 14 inches of travel, a steer-by-wire dynamic variable steering ratio steering wheel, the ability to go off-road compared to the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning, and more.

It has been fun to learn about the Cybertruck in great depth. But what if you’re like me and can’t wait for Tesla to release the Cybertruck and want to see a stainless steel vehicle in use right now? You’re in luck. Thanks to people who keep a close eye on Tesla’s different factories, it looks like the electric vehicle maker already has a Cyberytruck-style car in use at Giga Texas.

From the picture above, you can see that the main thing this vehicle has in common with the Cybertruck is that they both have the Cybertruck’s famous open stainless steel surface. The outside of both cars is made of metal that looks so much alike that it makes you wonder if Tesla made this car out of Cybertruck parts as a kind of Frankenstein car.

Tesla's Giga Texas-Deployed Cybertruck-Inspired Stainless Steel Open-Top Vehicle Seats 6!

The Cybertruck’s triangular shape can be seen mirrored in the side panels of this car, along with the exposed stainless steel. Besides that, the new vehicle looks like it’s half the size of the Cybertruck. Also, it’s pretty clear that this vehicle doesn’t have any roof or doors, while the Cybertruck is a real truck with all the “truck” features.

The Cybertruck comparison stops here, though. Looking at the new car by itself, the Giga Texas vehicle seems to only be meant to be used inside the factory or to move people slowly around the huge Giga Texas compound.

This vehicle could never replace the Cybertruck, but it does look like a competent small car that could be used in a manufacturing plant, even though it is small and has an open top. It’s amazing that the small car has room for six people, with four seats facing forward and two facing backward.

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Tesla's Giga Texas-Deployed Cybertruck-Inspired Stainless Steel Open-Top Vehicle Seats 6!

We’re not sure what this golf cart-sized car can do as fast as it can, but with room for six people, it can get a lot of people around during the day. The all-electric truck, on the other hand, only seems to come with a 5-seat choice, even though plans to make the Cybertruck with 6 seats were later shelved. This is a win for the Giga Texas car.

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