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Texas AG Ken Paxton Survived Impeachment. Now He Seeks Super Tuesday Revenge on His Enemies!


CNS NewsTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who narrowly escaped impeachment just six months ago, is now embarking on a mission for political retribution as Super Tuesday approaches. Paxton, a Republican, is launching a vigorous campaign to unseat numerous members of his own party, including legislators, judges, and even Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan, who played a pivotal role in Paxton’s impeachment on corruption charges.

With over 30 Republican incumbents in his sights, Paxton is flexing his post-acquittal political muscle, aiming not only to reshape the Texas GOP but also to tilt the deeply conservative Legislature further to the right. Despite facing legal challenges, including felony security fraud charges and a federal criminal investigation, Paxton remains undeterred in his pursuit of political victories.

The battleground extends beyond legislative races, as Paxton seeks to remove three female Republican judges from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, a move indicative of the intense power struggle within the state’s dominant political party.

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As Paxton allies himself with supporters and pours millions of dollars into endorsed candidates, his actions clash with those of Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who has his own list of GOP House members targeted for removal. This intra-party conflict underscores the high stakes and deep divisions within Texas politics.

The primary focus of Paxton’s vendetta is Speaker Dade Phelan, symbolizing a potential seismic shift in House leadership should he succeed. Despite Phelan’s conservative track record, his role in Paxton’s impeachment has made him a prime target for Paxton’s wrath, with both sides engaging in a bitter exchange of attacks.

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