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The College of The Mainland Launches Mitchell Chuoke Jr. Plumbing Program!


The College of the Mainland (COM) has recently announced the inauguration of the Mitchell Chuoke Jr. Plumbing Program. This initiative honors the memory and legacy of Mitchell Chuoke Jr., celebrating his family’s significant contributions to the plumbing industry. The program aims to equip students with crucial skills and knowledge, preparing them for the evolving demands of tomorrow’s plumbing jobs.

Generous donations exceeding $1.3 million from various community partners have made this program possible. Notably, this includes contributions from Matt and Debra Doyle, the Patrick F. Doyle family, the Lawrence J. Del Papa family, Joe and Ellen Chuoke, Texas First Bank, and Beau and Erin Yarbrough.

Their support underscores the community’s commitment to nurturing skilled trades. The Mitchell Chuoke Jr. Plumbing Certificate offered free of charge to students, is a collaboration with Plumbers Local Union 68. This 80-hour program focuses on both residential and commercial plumbing aspects, with an emphasis on safety.

The College of The Mainland Launches Mitchell Chuoke Jr. Plumbing Program!

It provides the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for students to pursue industry apprenticeships. The program’s launch comes at a critical time, as Texas Workforce Solutions projects that by 2028, over 15,000 plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters will be needed in the Gulf Coast region to meet growing demands.

This projection highlights the importance of such training programs in fulfilling regional workforce needs. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that plumbers in the Houston area earn a median annual hourly wage of $27.08, reflecting the program’s potential for enabling lucrative career paths for graduates.

In summary, the Mitchell Chuoke Jr. Plumbing Program at College of the Mainland stands as a significant step towards addressing the imminent workforce needs in the plumbing sector, while also serving as a fitting tribute to a family deeply rooted in the industry​.

The College of The Mainland Launches Mitchell Chuoke Jr. Plumbing Program!

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