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Super Tuesday’s Top Winners: Ken Paxton and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott!


CNS NewsIn the aftermath of Tuesday’s Texas primary elections, Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton have emerged as significant victors, despite their absence from the ballot. The pair, along with other prominent Republican figures including Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and former President Donald Trump, played a pivotal role in campaigning against several incumbent Texas House Republicans, citing objections to various far-right positions and policies.

A central point of contention in the campaign was the failure of the Republican-majority legislative body to pass school vouchers, a priority for Governor Abbott. School vouchers would enable parents to utilize tax dollars to fund their children’s private school tuition. Paxton, on the other hand, targeted Republican incumbents for their positions during his impeachment trials the previous year.

The outcome of the primary elections saw nine GOP incumbents ousted from their seats, with several more facing vulnerability and heading to a runoff on May 28. Among the significant runoff races is the contest between House Speaker Dade Phelan and challenger David Covey, the former chairman of the Orange County Republican Party.

Phelan fell short of the required 50 percent majority, leading to a runoff where he faces opposition from Covey, who secured the endorsement of former President Trump. Paxton, in a statement following the elections, declared victory on “Super Tuesday” and pledged unwavering support for Covey in the runoff race.

Super Tuesday's Top Winners: Ken Paxton and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott!

He framed the runoff as a pivotal moment in the battle against what he termed as the “liberal forces” represented by Phelan and his allies. Governor Abbott echoed Paxton’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of the primary results in advancing his legislative priority of school vouchers.

He emphasized the message sent by Republican primary voters in support of education freedom for Texas families. The discord among Texas’s highest-ranking leaders, including clashes between Phelan and other House Republicans, culminated from disagreements on various policy matters such as property tax legislation.

Additionally, tensions escalated with personal disputes, including exchanges of shirtless “thirst traps.” Paxton’s involvement in the campaign against Phelan stems partly from the fallout of his impeachment by the House, with Phelan overseeing the proceedings.

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Super Tuesday's Top Winners: Ken Paxton and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott!

The rift between the attorney general and the house speaker intensified following allegations of misconduct and calls for resignations. The primary elections underscore a broader ideological struggle within the Republican Party in Texas, with implications for the state’s political landscape moving forward.

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