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The Five Most Brutal Female Gangsters in New York City Top the List!


CNS NewsDelving into the annals of New York’s underworld history reveals a cadre of formidable female figures who wielded power and influence within the realm of organized crime. From Stephanie St. Clair to Griselda Blanco, these women defied societal norms and navigated the criminal landscape with cunning and ruthlessness.

  1. Stephanie St. Clair: Known as the “Queenie” of Harlem, St. Clair rose to prominence as the numbers queen, employing both strategy and force to maintain control over her territory. Her wealth and influence were formidable, with reports indicating her net worth reached $300,000 by 1930.
  2. Arlyne Brickman: Hailing from East Harlem, Brickman defied stereotypes as a Jewish woman entrenched in organized crime. Despite facing discrimination within the Sicilian-run mob, she carved out a niche as a numbers runner, drug dealer, and loan shark, later turning informant and chronicling her life in “Mob Girl: A Woman’s Life In the Underworld.”
  3. Griselda Blanco: Dubbed the “Cocaine Godmother,” Blanco’s reign extended from Miami to New York, overseeing a vast drug empire responsible for importing billions of dollars worth of cocaine into the United States. Her ruthlessness earned her nicknames like “the Black Widow,” having allegedly orchestrated numerous murders, including those of her three husbands.
  4. Cheng Chiu Ping: Infamous as “Sister Ping” or “the Snakehead,” Cheng Chiu Ping orchestrated the illegal smuggling of around 3,000 Chinese immigrants into the United States. Operating with calculated efficiency, she amassed a staggering $40 million empire throughout the 1980s.
  5. Fredericka Mandelbaum: A German immigrant, Mandelbaum transcended poverty to become a prominent figure in New York’s criminal underworld during the late 19th century. Known for training children as thieves and pickpockets, she cultivated relationships with law enforcement while amassing wealth through her illicit enterprises.

The Five Most Brutal Female Gangsters in New York City Top the List!

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These women left an indelible mark on New York’s criminal history, challenging conventional notions of gender and power within the realm of organized crime.

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