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The Governor of Texas Projected Contributions Would Fund Migrant Busing. Less Than 1% of The Sum Has Been Collected by Him!


CNS NewsTexas Governor Greg Abbott’s busing program for migrants has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that donations have fallen far short of covering the program’s costs. Abbott had boasted that private donations would likely cover the program’s expenses, but a review of state records showed that less than half of 1% of the roughly $150 million spent on busing migrants had been raised.

The busing program, which transports migrants from Texas to sanctuary cities around the country, has been controversial from the start. Critics have called it a dangerous and inhumane publicity stunt, while sanctuary city mayors have implemented regulations to limit the program’s impact on their communities.

Despite Abbott’s assurances that donations would cover the program’s costs, records show that at most, around $550,000 has been raised to date. The largest donation, $900,000, was never received by the state, raising questions about the effectiveness of Abbott’s fundraising efforts.

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The shortfall in donations has left Texas taxpayers to foot the bill for the busing program, which has transported more than 100,000 migrants out of the state. The controversy surrounding the program highlights the challenges of addressing immigration issues at the state level and underscores the need for comprehensive federal reform.

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