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The Republican From New York is the First in the GOP to Back a Bill that Protects IVF!


CNS NewsIn a significant development, Republican Representative Marc Molinaro of New York has become the first GOP member to cosponsor a bill aimed at protecting access to in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Representative Molinaro announced his support for the Access to Family Building Act, which seeks to establish a statutory right to access IVF and ensure that no state can limit such services.

The decision to cosponsor the bill comes in the wake of a controversial ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court, which classified frozen embryos as children under state law, leading to a halt in IVF treatments in the state. The ruling raised concerns among medical professionals and reproductive health advocates, prompting bipartisan efforts to safeguard the rights of individuals seeking fertility treatments.

Representative Molinaro’s personal experience with IVF played a role in his decision to support the legislation. He emphasized the importance of protecting the ability of women and families to choose IVF as a means of bringing life into the world, describing it as a matter of common sense.

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The Access to Family Building Act, introduced by Representative Susan Wild of Pennsylvania in the House and Senators Patty Murray of Washington and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois in the Senate, aims to override any state efforts to restrict access to IVF. It also seeks to ensure that neither hopeful parents nor doctors face punishment for pursuing or providing the treatment.

While Republicans have traditionally championed the protection of Americans’ rights to seek IVF treatment, Representative Molinaro’s support marks a significant step forward in advancing legislation to safeguard these rights. His decision underscores the bipartisan recognition of the importance of reproductive rights and access to fertility treatments.

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