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The Sex Offender Who Set Up a Food Truck at a Polk County School Was Caught


POLK COUNTY, FLA.— A warrant says that a sex offender who sold chicken wings from a food truck parked at a Polk County middle school has been caught.

David Lee Mosley III, who is 48 years old, had been running his food truck called “Whadda Wings” at Lake Wales’ McLaughlin Middle School. The affidavit said that school leaders didn’t know Mosley was a known sexual offender.

Dr. Linda Ray, the acting director of the school, told a deputy on April 26 that a parent had contacted her weeks earlier because they were worried Mosley might be a sexual offender. The Polk County School Board called Dr. Ray to find out more.

Dr. Ray said that she became director when the old one retired and that no one “from the food truck” called or asked her for permission to be at the school.

Officials said that Mosley and another woman were registered to drive the food truck.

Last month, Mosely stopped his food truck on school grounds several times in the northeast corner of the parking lot.

Deputies were told by a school cleaner that she had seen the Whadda Wings truck at McLaughlin Middle School more than once since 2023. She said she “at least 10 times” talked to Mosley.

Because Mosley was on school grounds without giving written notice to the school board, director, or principal, the affidavit said he broke Florida law. They didn’t know when he got to and from school, and he wasn’t under the direct direction of a school official or a designated chaperone while he was with the kids.

Records show that Mosley was arrested at a childcare center on charges of sexual criminal.

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