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The US Senate Released Their Border Bill but Republicans in The House Quickly Pronounced It Dead!


CNS NewsSenate negotiators have put forth a bipartisan border security deal aimed at overhauling the U.S. asylum system and bolstering border security measures. Spearheaded by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.), Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), the proposal introduces significant changes to the allocation of funds towards border security and the asylum process.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has scheduled a procedural vote on the bill, which is part of a wider national security package that includes aid to Ukraine and Israel. However, the future of the deal is uncertain due to strong opposition from House Republicans, who have criticized the proposal as overly lenient.

Conference Chair Elise Stefanik has labeled it the “Joe Biden/Chuck Schumer Open Border Bill,” and other GOP leaders in the House have vowed not to bring it to a vote. Senate conservatives, led by Sen. Mike Lee, have also expressed intentions to delay or halt the bill, questioning the feasibility of voting on the 370-page document within a short timeframe.

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Key provisions of the bill include a more stringent asylum process, the end of the “catch and release” practice, expedited asylum screenings, and the shift of case adjudications from immigration judges to Department of Homeland Security officials. The bill also proposes new emergency powers for the president to limit asylum claims under specific circumstances, aiming to manage surges in border crossings more effectively.

Despite Republican criticism, the bill seeks to address concerns from both sides of the aisle by tightening border controls while also offering new legal pathways for immigration and improving the asylum process. It includes funding for border policing and construction of the border wall, as well as provisions for employment and family reunification visas, legal counsel for asylum-seekers, and a citizenship pathway for Afghan allies.

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