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Thoughts by Claude Stebing Illegals Employed in Florida, Texas, and California!


After running companies in three states over the years, things have changed a lot for the worse. Here are some general laws and opinions. Starting with California. Should California companies ask for a job applicant’s social security card or just their SSN? Indeed, they are forced to. It is required by federal law. It is required that any company who hires you as a W-2 employee fill out and sign an I-9 form.

It is against the law for employers in California to discriminate against and retaliate against workers in some protected groups. Furthermore, employers must provide pregnancy accommodations, offer fair pay, allow wage discussions, give workers access to their personnel files, and safeguard individuals who blow the whistle on wrongdoing.

Other states force employers to use E-Verify, but most California employers don’t have to. Only federal contractors and subcontractors do. E-Verify was always used. Dallas came in second. Citizenship and national origin discrimination is illegal, but “a person or other entity that employs three or fewer employees” is exempt.

The law’s anti-discrimination part therefore covers all employers with four or more workers. The purpose of Form I-9 is to confirm the name and work authorization of people hired to work in the United States. All of your employees who work in the United States need to fill out Form I-9. Employees must show you proof of name and permission to work in the U.S. as required by the form.

Thoughts by Claude Stebing Illegals Employed in Florida, Texas, and California!

It’s required that you sign a statement saying that the papers are real, as far as you know. Who protects workers in Texas? Workers should not be harassed or discriminated against at work because of their race, gender, national origin, age, disability, color, sex, genetic information, or genetic information about someone else.

While working in Texas, you are also entitled to Minimum pay. Overtime…means Texas workers are missing some things, you know what I mean? Florida last, since I live there. Make yourself comfortable and get something to drink. When using E-Verify, however, businesses must follow certain rules; failing to do so can lead to fines and other civil penalties.

New hires made on or after July 1, 2023, will have to go through E-Verify, which is required by Florida law for all private companies with 25 or more workers. Jun 2, 2023 Do businesses like working in Florida? According to Florida’s “at-will employment” law, both employers and workers can fire someone at any time, with or without a reason.

It’s illegal for a company to fire someone because of their age, race, sex, national origin, disability, gender, pregnancy, color, sexual orientation, or identity. Regarding U and L drive services, drivers don’t have to fill out an I-9 form because they are working as 1099 contractors and not W-2 employees. So hiring people doesn’t check their legal status.

Thoughts by Claude Stebing Illegals Employed in Florida, Texas, and California!

Jan 1, 2022, explains why none of my drivers speak English: Florida has 29.8% of households where a language other than English is spoken as the main language at home, which is higher than the national rate of 21.7%… Go get one more drink.

For example, if I want to keep my 100 illegal construction workers, I could use a family member’s Social Security number, a fake number that you can buy for $50 to $100 or a cousin who moved out of the country and is now retired and back home. Please hold on a moment. DeSantis made a law, maybe 25 or more? No worries, I’ll just start four new LLCs.

One of my other workers told me the guy I hired was fake after I used E-Verify and everything checked out. To make sure that the name and SS number were correct, I called. “No Sir, we can’t give you that information,” they said. The government didn’t send our company a letter about it for 5 years because he never filed his taxes or got a return. Lawbreakers will always find a way to do it.

Thoughts by Claude Stebing Illegals Employed in Florida, Texas, and California!

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