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Trump Refuses to Testify Himself in $250 Million New York Fraud Case!


In a significant turn of events, former President Donald Trump has decided against testifying in his defense in the ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial in New York. This case, which scrutinizes Trump’s business practices, specifically targets allegations of overvaluing properties and net worth in financial statements to obtain favorable loans.

The suit, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, has entered a crucial phase as it approaches its final week of testimony. The spotlight on the Trump Organization and its financial dealings has been intense, with the Attorney General’s office claiming discrepancies in the valuation of assets.

These allegations suggest a pattern of inflating values to secure loans and underreporting them for tax benefits. Despite these claims, Trump’s legal team remains steadfast in their defense, asserting that there have been no defaults or victims, thereby negating any basis for fraud.

Adding to the drama, Trump’s son, Eric Trump, has also withdrawn from testifying. The former President expressed confidence in Eric’s previous testimony, deeming it comprehensive and conclusive enough to render a repeat appearance unnecessary.

Trump Refuses to Testify Himself in $250 Million New York Fraud Case!

In a notable development, Eli Bartov, an accounting expert commissioned by Trump’s defense, testified, stating no evidence of accounting fraud in the challenged financial statements. Bartov’s credibility, however, is under scrutiny due to his substantial compensation – a combined $875,000 from the Trump Organization and Trump’s Save America PAC.

Throughout the trial, Trump’s legal team has been vociferously critical of the proceedings, particularly taking issue with what they describe as a “gag order” from the judge, which restricts Trump from publically critiquing the judge’s law clerk. As the trial, which commenced on October 2, draws near its conclusion, with closing arguments slated for January 11, all eyes are on the potential outcome.

The judge is expected to issue a ruling a few weeks post the closing arguments, a decision that could have profound implications for Trump and his business empire. This case not only presents legal challenges but also offers a window into the complex and often opaque world of high-stakes real estate and finance.

Trump Refuses to Testify Himself in $250 Million New York Fraud Case!

The decision to forgo testifying in his defense suggests a strategic move by Trump and his legal team, possibly aimed at avoiding the risks associated with personal testimony in a highly charged and closely watched trial. The outcome of this trial is poised to be a defining moment in Trump’s post-presidential life, with potential repercussions extending far beyond the courtroom.

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