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Trump Mocked for Complaining About Witnesses His Own Lawyers Could Have Called in Prosecution


Old President Donald Trump was made fun of on Wednesday after he said that the New York prosecution wasn’t calling witnesses that his lawyers could have.

People on social media quickly pointed out, though, that Trump’s defense team could have called any expert they wanted.

David Corn, head of Mother Jones’s D.C. office, said, “This is ridiculous.” “Trump could have called the witnesses he’s now saying the prosecutors didn’t call.” “He’s counting on his audience not knowing how the courtroom works in general.”

“Todd Blanche is the person who could have called those witnesses.” Jon Cryer, who plays the guy next to him on Two and a Half Men, said, “The guy standing right next to him.” Republican pollster Frank Luntz said, “In a courtroom trial, the defense is also allowed to call witnesses that are not called by the prosecution.”

Renato Mariotti, a writer for Politico, said, “Trump is talking about Allen Weisselberg.” When the judge said he could make sure Weisselberg came to court, Trump’s lawyer said that Weisselberg wasn’t on the list of witnesses and that was not okay. They could have put Weisselberg on the stand for Trump, but they didn’t want to.

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