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Carjackers in Mississippi Open Fire on Family with Grandkids Inside Vehicle: ‘Can’t Stay Here Anymore,’ Says Victim


A shocking video shows that armed thieves shot at a family in Mississippi in their own driveway on Friday and then tried to drive off in their car with the kids still inside.

The doorbell camera video that WAPT got shows two guys walking up to the family’s Jackson home with at least one gun pointed at Heather Allen, the mother, and her adult son, who is standing next to a black car in the driveway.

The clip shows that as the men get closer and point the gun, a gunshot can be heard. The two men then duck and hide behind the car.

The film shows that one of the men then opens the driver’s door, pulls Allen’s daughter out of the car, and takes the wheel.

For the news station, Allen said that the suspect pointed a gun at his other son, who was in the car.

“He jumps in the driver’s seat while I watch from the outside,” she said. “He points a gun at my oldest son’s face.”

Her son was able to escape.

But her two little grandchildren, who are the children of her daughter, were still inside.

Allen cried in the interview: “My daughter was like, ‘My babies, my babies are in the car.'”

Allen chose to take a chance and grab them out of the car while the two suspects yelled over and over for the keys.

As seen on the video, the grandma threw her own keys at the armed men to get them to leave. They then drove off in her parked car on the front lawn.

Jackson police told the station that her car was found two blocks away, mostly unharmed, about 40 minutes after it had been stolen.

The car is with the cops while they look through it for evidence.

Allen said that the armed carjacking really upset the whole family.

“I’m not going to sleep. My oldest son is so stressed out and scared that he can’t even stand it. “My daughter is shocked, but they are safe,” she told WAPT.

After the scary event, Allen, who has only lived in the area for three months, already wants to leave Jackson.

Allen said, “We can’t stay here any longer.”

So far, no one has been caught.

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