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A Duck Hunter from Oklahoma Died in An Accident on Sooner Lake!


Oklahoma Game Wardens say a 23-year-old student at Oklahoma State University died at Sooner Lake on Sunday morning. The Oklahoma Game Wardens’ Facebook page said the guy died while hunting ducks at Sooner Lake, which is about 20 miles north of Stillwater.

Oklahoma Game Wardens write about the death at Sooner Lake. The post said that information sent to them said the man went outside to get a duck and hit a drop-off. Following that, the man’s boots were washed away, and he did not come back to the surface, the post said.

The post said that Stephen Paul, Jake Bersche, and Larry Green, all of Oklahoma’s Game Wardens, used side imaging to find the man on the lake floor and helped the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lake Patrol get him back. “Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this young guy. There are not many hunters in the area, so they will miss him.

A Duck Hunter from Oklahoma Died in An Accident on Sooner Lake!

“We want to thank all the other agencies that came to help and got the problem fixed.” There were also links to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office, the Noble County Sheriff’s Office, and the Red Rock Fire Department.

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