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Trump Urges States to Mobilize National Guard for Texas Border Support!


CNS NewsIn a notable escalation of border enforcement rhetoric, former President Donald Trump has made a public appeal for “all willing states” to deploy their National Guard units to Texas. This call to action aims to bolster efforts to curb unauthorized border crossings and manage the removal of individuals who enter the U.S. illegally.

Trump’s statement, disseminated through a series of social media posts, underscores the growing tensions between the federal government and Texas over border control responsibilities. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, aligning with Trump’s stance, discussed on a national news platform that ten governors have already committed National Guard or other law enforcement resources to aid Texas’ border operations.

Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma is among the state leaders responding to the call, indicating plans to dispatch National Guard soldiers to the region, reflecting a concerted push among certain states to take a proactive stance on border security. This development follows a contentious Supreme Court decision affirming federal authority over border enforcement, a ruling that has fueled political and legal debates.

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The court’s decision addressed the unauthorized erection of barriers along the Rio Grande by Texas forces, highlighting the friction between state-led border initiatives and federally mandated regulations. Despite the ruling, Texas has intensified its border enforcement measures, signaling a deepening divide over immigration policy and state-federal jurisdiction.

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