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Texan Billionaires Start a New PAC to Back Conservative Politicians After the Fuentes Scandal!


CNS NewsFollowing a scandal involving associations with extremist figures, Texas billionaires Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks have redirected their political contributions to a new political action committee (PAC), Texans United for a Conservative Majority.

This initiative marks a strategic shift in the wake of backlash against Defend Texas Liberty, a PAC previously linked to controversial engagements. The new PAC has already started deploying significant funds against select Texas House Republicans, demonstrating the ongoing influence of Dunn and Wilks in the state’s conservative political landscape.

The funding efforts of Texans United for a Conservative Majority are primarily aimed at supporting conservative challengers in upcoming primaries, reflecting a targeted approach to reshape the political dynamics within the Texas Legislature. This move comes at a critical juncture, with the PAC actively participating in a special election, further highlighting the strategic deployment of financial resources in key political contests.

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The involvement of Dunn and Wilks in this new PAC underscores the resilience of their political influence despite recent controversies. Their continued engagement in Texas politics through substantial financial contributions illustrates the ongoing impact of wealthy donors in shaping political outcomes and debates, particularly within the conservative movement.

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