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Two Flight Attendants Say That NFL Kicker Brandon McManus Sexually Assaulted Them During a Team Flight Last Season


The NFL kicker Brandon McManus is being sued by two women who say he sexually assaulted them while he was on a team flight to London last September for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The women, who were named Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 in the case, worked as flight attendants on September 28 on a flight that the Jaguars hired. Both women say that McManus “ground” his dressed, erect penis against them during the flight’s meal service. The lawsuit also says that McManus tried to kiss Jane Doe 1 earlier in the trip.

Since then, McManus has signed a contract to join the Washington Commanders. He rejects the lawsuit’s claims. A lawyer for McManus doesn’t believe what the women are saying.

McManus’ lawyer, Brett R. Gallaway, told CNN, “To be clear, these are completely made up and obviously false accusations made as part of a campaign to smear and insult a talented and well-respected NFL player.” “We are going to fight hard to protect Brandon’s rights and honor, and we will clear his name by showing that these claims are nothing more than an attempt to blackmail him.”

The case also named the Jaguars organization. On Wednesday, the organization told CNN, “We are aware of the complaint and we understand how important the claims are.”

“As we continue to look into the matter, we want to make it clear that we only want an organization built by people who are good examples of our community and game.”

Jacksonville is being charged with “gross negligence” for not making the flight staff’s workplace safe, among other things.

Doug Pederson, the head coach, told the press on Tuesday that he couldn’t say anything “until more information is gathered.”

According to a representative for McManus’s new team, the Commanders, they learned about the civil lawsuit against him on Monday. The lawsuit was filed on May 24. We take these kinds of claims very seriously and are looking into them. The League Office and Brandon’s lawyer have been in touch with us, and we have nothing else to say at this time.

Tim Schlittner, a spokesman for the NFL, told CNN that the league is aware of the case but would not say anything else.

The two flight attendants’ lawyer, Tony Buzbee, said on social media that the women and their lawyers tried to “resolve this matter without the need for litigation” before they filed the lawsuit.

“Those who tried to help us find a solution were rude, stupid, and full of themselves,” the lawyer said.

The women say that McManus’ acts have caused them and will continue to cause them mental and emotional pain. They want the NFL player and the Jaguars to pay them more than $1 million in damages and have asked for a jury trial.

“The claims in this lawsuit are very serious,” Buzbee said. “Before taking on the cases, we made sure to fully check them out and talk to witnesses.” We are going to keep going after this case with all the determination we are known for. This kind of behavior still happens, which is a shame. Way too often, it does happen.

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