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Updated Stimulus Check: Who Can Receive March’s $3,600 Payment?


CNS NewsEven though the last government stimulus payment was three years ago, millions of Americans will be getting another one this month. The VA payments for February and March are sent out on both March 1 and April 1. Because the cost of living has gone up by 3.2% this year, recipients can expect to get up to $3,600.

The founder of Tax Prep Tech, Zack Hellman, told Newsweek that this year’s raise was made to help veterans keep up with rising prices for goods and other costs caused by inflation and other economic factors. The checks are meant to help veterans pay for basic needs and long-term medical bills because many of them have trouble adjusting to civilian life and finding work that works with their disabilities.

“From extra medical care to special food needs, the reality for many veterans is an expensive one that was made even harder by inflation,” Alex Beene, a teacher of financial literacy for the state of Tennessee, told Newsweek. “While these increases won’t fully cover all the additional expenses they are seeing, it will certainly go some way towards softening the blow.”

Who Can Apply?

There are a few things you need to do to get the VA benefits. What is VA disability pay? All veterans who are disabled because of their time in the service will get a tax-free payment. But this doesn’t include soldiers who got a dishonorable discharge. The families of veterans can also get a monthly payment, and soldiers who lost limbs in the service are given extra money.

Michael Ryan, the founder of and an expert on money matters, told Newsweek, “Families who have had to make the ultimate sacrifice can find comfort in knowing there is financial support available.” “With a net worth threshold set at $155,356, this benefit extends a helping hand to the eligible loved ones of those who served, ensuring they receive the financial assistance they deserve.”

People with lower incomes can also get help from the pension for soldiers and survivors. The VA also started letting all soldiers who were exposed to dangerous chemicals in the military sign up for VA health care earlier this year than they had been able to before.

They can get them even if they don’t get any VA benefits because they fought in the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, or in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. People who were exposed to toxins while in training or on active duty can also apply.

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Updated Stimulus Check: Who Can Receive March's $3,600 Payment?

Officials from the VA said in a statement, “We want you to come to us for the health care you deserve if you are a veteran who may have been exposed to toxins or dangers while serving our country, at home or abroad.” “VA health care is the best and most affordable in the United States for Veterans. Once you’re in, you’re in for life.” Don’t wait; sign up today.

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