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Urgent Call for Peace: US Advocates Temporary Ceasefire in Gaza, Issues Warning to Israel on Rafah Assault Amid Strained Relations With Netanyahu


The United States has put forward a possible UN Security Council resolution suggesting a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, seen as the most recent effort by the White House to control Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the draft resolution, the United States proposed a temporary ceasefire to be implemented ‘as soon as practicable,’ without specifying a specific date.

Washington has historically avoided using the term ceasefire in any UN action concerning its ally Israel’s conflict with Hamas.

The timing of the potential vote on the US resolution in the 15-member Security Council remains uncertain.

The US draft resolution mirrors the language President Joe Biden recently used in discussions with Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister.

When Biden made the statement, he emphasized the need for a temporary ceasefire to secure the release of prisoners and hostages.

The draft resolution was proposed by the US as an alternative following Algeria’s request for the council to vote on a separate measure on Tuesday. Algeria’s suggestion involves calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the UN, has stated that America is prepared to veto the Algerian resolution that calls for an immediate ceasefire.

The draft resolution from the US also demands the immediate release of all hostages captured during the attack by Hamas on October 7th. It also emphasizes the need to remove all limitations on the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

The US draft mentions that these actions are aimed at creating conditions for a sustainable cessation of hostilities, as outlined in a resolution passed by the Security Council on December 22.

The proposed resolution suggests that Israel should not go ahead with its planned major ground offensive into the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where around 1.5 million Palestinians have sought safety, due to the current circumstances.

The report cautions that additional displacement of civilians, possibly into neighboring countries such as Egypt, could have significant consequences for regional peace and security.

The US draft also criticizes the Israeli government ministers’ suggestions for Jewish settlers to relocate to Gaza. On Sunday, Thomas-Greenfield mentioned that the US has been negotiating a hostage deal for several months to achieve a six-week period of peace.

She suggested that they could invest the necessary effort to establish a lasting peace. The ambassador mentioned that Biden has had several conversations in the past week with Netanyahu, as well as the leaders of Egypt and Qatar, in order to advance the deal.

According to her, it was the most effective method to achieve a lasting ceasefire and facilitate the delivery of assistance to Palestinian civilians.

US deputy ambassador Robert Wood expressed his concerns about the Algerian draft resolution, stating that it is not an effective mechanism for achieving the desired outcomes.

He mentioned that the US draft is being considered as a potential option, but indicated that there are no immediate plans to act on it.

Over the weekend, Democrat Congressman Jim Clyburn, a strong supporter of Biden, stated that the president did not think Netanyahu’s leadership had been beneficial for Israel.

Biden Blames Netanyahu for Ceasefire Difficulties

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – FEBRUARY 19: Protesters hold placards as they protest against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government in-front of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament on February 19, 2024 in Jerusalem, Israel. Frustrations with the government are growing as over 100 hostages remain captive in Gaza, after more than four months of war between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

A week ago, it was revealed that Biden had privately referred to Netanyahu as ‘an a**hole’ on at least three occasions and called him the primary obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

According to a source close to the president who spoke to NBC News, Biden believes Netanyahu is making negotiations over the ceasefire difficult for him.

According to Gaza officials, the president’s comments were made in response to Israeli airstrikes that resulted in the deaths of 67 Palestinians and injuries to many others in Rafah.

Intense conflict continued in Gaza on Monday as Israel issued a warning regarding the release of hostages by Hamas. Israel stated that it would continue its offensive during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, extending to the far-southern Rafah area.

There is growing international worry about the situation of 1.4 million Palestinians who have been displaced to Rafah near the Egyptian border due to the ongoing conflict.

They have been facing relentless attacks and severe food scarcities in cramped temporary shelters and tents.

Benny Gantz, a member of the Israeli war cabinet, issued a warning about the readiness of the Israeli army to advance further into Rafah during Ramadan, which is expected to begin around March 10.

Gantz stated on Sunday that if the hostages are not returned by Ramadan, the fighting will persist, extending to the Rafah area.

He stated, “Hamas has a decision to make.” They have the option to surrender, free the hostages, and allow the people of Gaza to enjoy the festivities of Ramadan.

Gantz announced that Israel will permit the evacuation of civilians from Rafah. He did not specify where Palestinians could relocate to, as large areas of the territory have been destroyed during over four months of intense conflict.

Egypt has stated that enabling Gazans to escape across the border would support a plan to remove Gaza’s Palestinian residents.

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