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New U.S. Rankings of “Presidential Greatness” Put Donald Trump at The End of The List!


CNS NewsAbraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, has once again claimed the top position in the latest iteration of the Presidential Greatness Project’s expert survey, released over the weekend. The survey, conducted by University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus and Coastal Carolina University political science professor Justin Vaughn, aimed to assess the overall greatness of all U.S. presidents from George Washington to Joe Biden.

Participants in the survey were tasked with rating each president on a scale of zero to 100, with zero representing failure, 50 indicating an average performance, and 100 signifying greatness. The ratings were then averaged for each president to determine their respective rankings.

Abraham Lincoln emerged as the undisputed leader with an impressive average rating of 95.03. Following closely behind were Franklin Delano Roosevelt at No. 2 with a score of 90.83, George Washington at No. 3 with 90.32, Teddy Roosevelt at No. 4 with 78.58, and Thomas Jefferson rounding out the top five with a rating of 77.53.

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On the other end of the spectrum, former President Donald Trump found himself at the bottom of the rankings, receiving the lowest rating in the survey with an average score of 10.92. Trump’s placement below presidents such as James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, William Henry Harrison, and Warren Harding underscores the polarizing nature of his presidency.

President Joe Biden, the incumbent at the time of the survey, fared significantly better, securing a place in the top third of the list at No. 14, with a respectable rating of 62.7. The results of the survey reflect the diverse perspectives of experts on the legacies and impacts of various U.S. presidents throughout history.

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