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Vindman: If He Wins Again, Trump “Every Intention” to Destroy American Democracy!


CNS NewsRetired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said Friday that President Trump has “every intention” to undermine American democracy if reelected, raising concerns of a retribution campaign. “We might have only one more vote left that matters,” Vindman told MSNBC’s “The Last Word” presenter Ali Velshi.

Trump has said he’ll be a tyrant if elected. The president and CEO have considerable powers.” He said, “And it’s not easy to undo American democracy that’s been around for nearly 250 years, but a lot of damage has been done.” “President Trump has every intention to do that.”

Vindman, a key witness in Trump’s first impeachment hearing, predicted Trump would operate the White House like Putin controls the Kremlin. He advised Americans to vote to avoid the “challenges and oppression that the Russians are facing.” His comments follow his criticism of Trump’s NATO language after Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death.

“Donald Trump invited Vladimir Putin to attack NATO,” Vindman told MSNBC’s Michael Steele a week earlier. I would think that probably contributed to the Navalny assassination calculus.” Last month, the former president discussed NATO and his presidency at a rally in South Carolina.

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He dubbed the organization “busted” before becoming president, implying NATO nations had not contributed to the defense fund. “One president of a large country stood up and asked, ‘Well, sir, if we don’t pay and we’re attacked by Russia, will you protect us?’” At the event, Trump remarked. I said, ‘You didn’t pay, you’re delinquent.

He answered, ‘Yes, let’s say that happened.’ I wouldn’t defend you.” He said, “In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want.” In his “The Last Word” interview, Vindman warned against Trump and Republicans’ NATO attack response.


“This is not a ‘what if’ scenario, ‘What happens if Donald Trump is back in office in 2025?’” Vindman said. The threat is genuine because Donald Trump has signaled that the Republican party, not just Trump in the future but the Republican party today, will not respond to a NATO attack.

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