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West Tennessee Aglow: Holiday Parades and Events Light Up the Season


West Tennessee comes alive with the spirit of joy, unity, and fun events as the holiday season approaches. With touching parades and beautiful light shows, the area turns into a winter wonderland where families and friends can enjoy the magic of this special time of the year. Let’s take a look at how West Tennessee’s holiday events and parades make memories that will last a lifetime.

Beautiful Holiday Lights:

In the towns and cities of West Tennessee, Christmas lights shine like a beacon of good cheer. A lot of different colored lights shine in the parks, squares, and sites in the area, making normal streets look like magical paths. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the show of beautifully decorated homes and businesses, with each one trying to make the most magical and impressive displays.

Famous places, like Jackson’s Centennial Park or the historic downtown areas of towns like Dyersburg and Milan, are lit up with bright scenes that make families want to take long walks in the stars. These community-led projects not only show off the artistic skills of local people, but they also bring people together and make the holidays more joyful.

Everyone in West Tennessee gets excited when the holiday parades go through the streets and keep people of all ages interested. At these parades, brightly painted floats, marching bands playing holiday music, and, of course, Santa Claus waving from his sleigh are all must-sees. People are eagerly waiting for the parade of holiday magic to start, and you can feel their excitement and wonder.

Gardens Aglow opens for its first weekend of the season

Parades in places like Jackson, Humboldt, and Union City show off the special charm of each town. When businesses, schools, and other groups in the area work together, they make a holiday spirit tapestry that both locals and tourists can relate to. Not only are these events fun, but they also bring people together to share in the holiday spirit.

Giving and working in the community:

In addition to the glitz and glitter, West Tennessee’s holiday events bring people together and encourage them to give. Many local events include ways for people to donate to charities, which encourages people to help those in need during the holidays. Along with the celebrations, there are often food drives, toy drives, and fundraising events that reinforce the idea that the holidays are a time to be kind and generous.

Local businesses also play an important role in these events by sponsoring floats, selling drinks, and adding to the overall fun vibe. People and companies in the community work together to make the holiday events feel like a family reunion. They’re not just about celebrating, but also about helping each other.


In West Tennessee, the holidays are a time for lights, parties, and getting together with family and friends. There is a magic to the area during the holidays, from the bright lights on famous buildings to the exciting parades that go through the streets. West Tennessee really shines when families, friends, and neighbors get together for these fun events. They make memories that will last a lifetime and be shared throughout the community.

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