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A Decade-Long Violent Vagabond Terrorizes a NYC Neighborhood Yet Stays Free!


CNS NewsThat Greenpoint thug won’t leave. Local bodega owner Babu Davnath said, “The rod is especially for this guy.”Screaming, he smashes shoppers. Everyone’s afraid of him. “Many times he’s punched women in the face inside the store and on the sidewalk,” Davnath claimed. His risk is high. Wine, food, and other products from my store were routinely stolen.

This has happened for eight years, possibly more.” The NYPD says Boissard has been arrested 12 times since 2022 and freed after each arraignment. He has been arrested 39 times since 2011 for assault, robbery, and criminal mischief, including two dozen for emotional disturbance.

Boissard, a category 3 sex offender convicted of abusing a 19-year-old woman in 2021, is “deaf and mute” and does not know sign language, making communication difficult, according to the court. The system was bypassed. A Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office official told The Post on Monday that “every resident in our city deserves to live in safety and peace”.

The ill guy received court-ordered services throughout his life.” “Unfortunately, those services are no longer available to him,” it said. “The city should aid him.” Court documents reflect his rocky life before his 2021 sex assault indictment. A 2022 state Appellate Division investigation found Boissard came up behind a stranger on Jan. 23, 2017, “slammed her against a wall” and touched her.

Records show police caught him with two switchblades after the woman called 911. On Feb. 3, 2017, Boissard “ran toward her, stopped and stared at her,” but left before police arrived, according to the article. He pleaded guilty to sexual abuse and forced touching later that year and was sentenced to alcohol rehab in Rochester and Atlanta, Georgia, with a four-year jail sentence if he failed.

In May 2018, Boissard “relapsed and was expelled” from the Atlanta facility, but the appeals court ordered he may “restart the year of treatment” in Rochester On July 4, 2021, he assaulted the 19-year-old woman who put him on the sex offender registry after being freed from jail for failing to complete rehabilitation.

He remains a street threat, say Greenpoint locals. William Rodrigues of Manhattan Avenue’s Franchesa Mini Mart said, “He’s always looking for trouble.” He hits women. He harms women. “He gets arrested and released, sometimes the same day,” Rodrigues added. He’s nice and sober. Despite his good heart, drugs and alcohol drive him mad.

A Decade-Long Violent Vagabond Terrorizes a NYC Neighborhood Yet Stays Free!

He said, “The whole neighborhood recognizes him because he bothers everyone.” Residents post Boissard horror stories online. In November 2022, a 43-year-old lady reported that Boissard chased her down the street with clenched fists, canceling her IVF. “I saw him running after me with his fists clenched,” she wrote. “I ran across the street to escape him. I cried in terror.

“The police took a statement but nothing happened,” she stated. Haven’t returned. I order takeout instead of eating in Greenpoint.” The liquor shop worker, who requested anonymity, claimed Boissard grew up and lives in the neighborhood with his father. “He’s lived around here his whole life,” added the mother. They sometimes send him to Woodhull.

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A Decade-Long Violent Vagabond Terrorizes a NYC Neighborhood Yet Stays Free!

Manhattan Avenue homeowner Samuel Soto, 65, said Boissard touched his wife eight years ago. “He touched my wife on the tuchus,” Soto told The Post. After my right hook, we were fine. He abuses women. “But now he respects me and ignores my wife,” he claimed. “Good kid with wonderful parents who drinks. He should be monitored and not allowed to hurt.

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