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Blame Liberal Dems for NYC Crime Whopper, Not Burger King Franchising!


CNS NewsA Burger King restaurant near City Hall in New York City has become the center of controversy due to the rampant criminal activity in its vicinity. Residents, including Kevin Kaufman, a 20-year resident of the area, have expressed frustration over the situation, citing numerous incidents of drug dealing, public intoxication, and violent behavior.

Despite the outcry from residents, the blame should not fall solely on the franchise owner, Lalmir Sultanzada. Instead, the root cause of the issue lies in the policies and actions of left-leaning politicians, according to Kaufman.

Kaufman pointed to bail reform measures and other legislation that he believes have hindered law enforcement’s ability to effectively address crime in the area. He highlighted the City Council’s “How Many Stops” act, which he described as a bureaucratic hurdle for police officers, as an example of misguided policy.

The result, Kaufman argues, is a rise in major crimes in the area, including felony assaults and burglaries. Despite the challenges, Kaufman praised the efforts of the police, who he says are the only ones responsive to the community’s concerns.

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The situation at Burger King is a microcosm of broader issues facing New York City, with Kaufman and others calling for a shift in focus towards public safety and away from policies that they believe prioritize criminals over law-abiding citizens.

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